Onay Set was founded by Kadir ONARSLAN in 1998, he is from Arçelik and has been serving the mold industry for 25 years, completing his 55th year in the mold industry.

Onay Set, by creating a sub-industry for the mold sector; white goods, automotive, spare parts, food and packaging, electrical-electronics etc. It provides support to domestic and international mold production in sectors such as

With its professional team that it has been working with for years, it manufactures mold sets with precision, quality and in the shortest time, according to the technical data, in line with the wishes of its customers.

Our Services

Our die set manufacturing consists of two parts as machining and cnc machining.

Certified steels coming in the Machining Department are processed in the thickness, length and the most desired dimensions, and the grinding process is carried out on the basis of parallelism and surface quality in sensitive tolerances.

In the CNC Machining Department, all kinds of operations on the mold in the desired dimensions in CNC Machining machines in line with the technical drawings on the plates; holes, pools, core holes and water holes are drilled. After the final checks are made, the column is combined with the bushings and the mold set is prepared to be shipped to our customer.

In order to provide better quality service to our customers, it has also received the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate in 2014, has switched to a new system and is structured to produce higher quality mold sets.